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Unable to connect to Windows network share after host reboot – check the host date/time

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Earlier today I found that I could no longer connect to network shares on one of my servers. I knew that the credentials, a local account on the server, hadn’t changed but every time I tried to connect I received an error message telling me that the credentials were invalid. Eventually, I logged onto the server to try changing the password but when I did I noticed that the system clock was set to 17:50 2nd January 2006 even though it was just before noon and more than seven years after 2006!

I remembered that I’d powered the server down yesterday to replace a UPS battery. So, presumably, the BIOS CMOS battery has failed and when I powered the server back on the motherboard clock reset to its default of 1st January 2006. Even though Windows is configured to synchronize the date/time with an internet time server it will not do this if there is a significant time difference.

Manually setting the date/time in the control panel to the current date/time and then clicking the ‘Update now’ button to force a time server synchronization ensured that the clock was correctly set.

I successfully connected to the server’s network shares once its clock was correct. Presumably, the large time difference between the host and client machines was causing the validation of the Windows credentials to fail.


Written by Sea Monkey

October 7, 2013 at 8:00 pm

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