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Long wait while ‘Saving user settings’ during Windows logoff

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My previous post mentioned that my PC seemed to have a corrupt Windows user profile. I’m not sure what caused it but I suspect that repeated unsuccessful attempts to install Visual Studio 2010 SP1 may have played a part.

When I checked the event log for errors I noticed that thre were a number of errors in the application log with event IDs 1517 and 1524 indicating that the profile was not unloading correctly during logoff. This is what causes the long wait while the ‘Saving user settings’ message is displayed during logoff.

Microsoft has produced a tool designed to address this problem called the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service. Information on when and how this tool should be used can be found in Microsoft KnowledgeBase article KB837115.

I haven’t tried using this tool yet as creating a new profile, as described in the previous post, seems to have resolved my corrupt user profile problem but I’m tempted to install it anyway as it logs details of processes that are not releasing references to the registry as described in the KB article:

The User Profile Hive Cleanup service monitors for users who have logged off and for whom registry hives are still loaded. When this occurs, the service determines which applications have handles that are opened to the hives and releases them. It logs the application name and what registry keys were left open. After this occurs, the system finishes unloading the profile.


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April 16, 2012 at 8:00 pm

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