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Kindle for PC 4: Book could not be opened

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Without any prompting, Kindle for PC updated itself to version 1.3.0 the other day. When I tried to open one of the books I’d downloaded to the PC I got a message saying “Book could not be opened”  and suggesting that I remove it from the device and download it again. I tried this but it made no difference. I tried to open a few other books and realised that most of them couldn’t be opened either although there were a few that opened successfully.

From previous experience, I know that Amazon’s DRM limits you to a certain number of device downloads for each book. I didn’t think that I’d exceeded this but when I went to the ‘Manage your devices’ page on the Amazon web site I realised what had happened.

To help me identify which device registration was which, I’d renamed each registration shown from the default of ‘Kindle for PC’ to ‘computer-name Kindle for PC’. When the latest version of Kindle was installed it created a new device registration for the PC using the new default name of ‘Kindle for PC 4′. So I now had two device registrations for the PC I was trying to open the book on and, as far as the Amazon DRM was concerned, both device registrations appeared to have a copy of the book I was trying to open. Amazon’s DRM decided that I had exceeded the number of downloaded copies of the book and refused to allow me to open it.

I simply deleted the old registration which was no longer being used and then successfully opened the book on my PC.

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Written by Sea Monkey

June 16, 2011 at 8:00 pm

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