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Live Mesh beta is closing down

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Microsoft has announced that it’s closing down Live Mesh beta and replacing it with an improved service integrated with Windows Live called Windows Live Mesh 2011.

While this might sound like good news there’s a caveat that will adversely affect many users including myself: the new service does not support Windows XP.

It’s obvious why Microsoft has done this and it provides a graphic indication of exactly where Microsoft’s priorities and sympathies lie. It’s actively decided to make life difficult for Windows XP users in an effort to encourage sales of Windows 7.

It’s a crass decision because the usefulness of Live Mesh is that it syncs files between a number of PCs and most users will have a mix of old and new, i.e. Windows XP and Windows Vista/7.

I have some PCs running Windows XP that can’t be upgraded because Windows 7 drivers are not available. That hasn’t stopped me buying new PCs with Windows Vista and Windows 7 installed. So, having Live Mesh beta support Windows XP hasn’t hurt Microsoft’s sales of new versions of Windows but dropping this support in Windows Live Mesh 2011 means that it’s now almost useless to me.

I’ve started using Dropbox.

Arguably, the people behind Dropbox understand the Live Mesh concept better than Microsoft. If the goal is to share files amongst computers and devices then why is Microsoft  dropping support for its own operating systems while Dropbox now supports Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.


Written by Sea Monkey

October 29, 2010 at 8:00 am

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