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Problems with Adaptec 2405 and MS Virtual Server

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Yesterday my virtual machine (VM) host server froze. I was running a VM that was being used as a test environment and there was a lot of SQL Server activity which in turn causes a lot of disk activity. Suddenly, the VM stopped responding and appeared to have died. I was accessing the server via RDP at the time and it responded very slowly but the Virtual Server Administration web site showed that the VM was still running. I tried shutting down the VM and then the server but the server just hung and after an hour I powered it off.

The server started up OK this morning but, because this is probably about the third time this has happened in the past year, I decided to try to find out exactly what the cause was.

The System event log shows a stream of warnings being issued by the Adaptec 2405 RAID controller driver at about the time the trouble started:

EventID: 129
Source: arcsas
Level: Warning
Message: Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued

These messages appear every 30 seconds for half an hour up until I tried to shut the server down. The event log shows that the server had completed at least some of the shutdown tasks and the last message indicates that the Event log service had stopped.

The virtual machine configuration files (.vmc) and hard disk files (.vhd) reside on the disks attached to the RAID controller.  The messages in the event log pointed towards the RAID controller being the problem and a quick search for ‘arcsas reset to device raidport0’ showed that other people have experienced similar problems with the controller driver when there is very high disk activity.

I checked for a new driver on the Adaptec web site and found that I was running a very back level version of the firmware and the driver and a newer version of the Storage Manage software was also available.

After installing the newer versions this morning, I’ve been running the same tests that caused the RAID controller to fail yesterday and there’s no sign of any problems or the EventID 129 messages in the System event long.


Written by Sea Monkey

October 7, 2010 at 8:00 am

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