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Fortunately, Unfortunately

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Fortunately, Unfortunately

Unfortunately, the Samsung SpinPoint system drive in my virtual machine host server failed yesterday morning even though it was working fine the day before and had given no warning signs of its imminent demise. It spun up but it was dead in all other respects.

Fortunately, I’d created a copy of the system drive and left it installed but not connected inside the case of the server for precisely this scenario.

Unfortunately, I’d imaged it with a version of Norton Ghost that doesn’t create usable copies of Windows Server 2008 boot disks.

Fortunately, all the data including virtual machine images, an SVN repository, and a Perforce repository was on the RAID protected D:\ drive.

Unfortunately, that still meant re-installing Windows, Virtual Server, SVN, Perforce, and a few other programs.

Fortunately, Windows Server 2008 installs fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the driver CD for the RAID storage controller because I’d put it somewhere safe but couldn’t remember where that was.

Fortunately, it was downloadable from the Adaptec web site.

Unfortunately, it still took more than a day to get the server back to full functionality.

I guess it’s time to look at creating an image of the system drive again but this time I won’t be using Norton Ghost even if it does now support Windows Server 2008.


Written by Sea Monkey

September 24, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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