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Static indexers are not supported in C#

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C# is a comprehensive language that covers most of the needs of a typical application software developer but once in a while I find myself trying to implement something a little unusual and discovering that C# doesn’t allow it. Often there’s a good reason but sometimes there isn’t.

How about static indexers ? I’ve never needed one before but I have a static class that’s used to hold lookup data. I wanted to provide an indexer so that the data could be enumerated as well as accessed directly through individual properties.

If you try this you’ll quickly discover that static indexers aren’t supported because as soon as you omit the ‘this’ part of the indexer signature the compiler doesn’t have any idea of what you’re trying to do. You’ll get syntax error messages like “Array size cannot be specified in a variable declaration”.

Googling “c# static indexer” turned up a load of hits confirming that C# doesn’t support this but one particular thread provided some interesting comments from Microsoft’s Eric Gunnerson.

The bottom line ? The C# team didn’t think it was worth the effort…


Written by Sea Monkey

March 24, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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