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Note to self: \r\n doesn’t work in a resource string

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I’m surprised that I haven’t hit this before now but placing escape sequences like \r\n in a resource string doesn’t work. The reason is simple enough: these escape sequences are handled by the C# compiler when compiling C# source code. They have no effect when ‘seen’ at runtime.

You can embed a newline in a resource string using Shift+Enter but once you start thinking about it, embeddding newlines in resource strings probably isn’t such a good idea anyway. If your resource strings are translated into other languages then it might be useful to have some flexibility about where  the newlines are placed.

My solution was to add a composite formatting placeholder and use Environment.Newline to replace it.

Resource string: {0} started successfully.{1}Listening for connection requests...

Console.WriteLine(Resources.Msg0001, Application.ProductName, Environment.NewLine);

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March 15, 2010 at 8:00 am

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