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A strategy for dealing with support departments

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I’ve bought three PCs from Tranquil PC over the past couple of years. They’re pretty good but while the newer ones are built using Intel Atom motherboards the early ones were built on Jetway motherboards with VIA processors and aren’t as reliable. I have one of the earlier ones and it took Tranquil three attempts to deliver one that even powered up. After two years of 24×7 operation it’s now died and I’m fairly certain that it’s the motherboard that’s failed.

So I opened a ticket with Tranquil’s support team. The initial response was prompt and asked me to use their Q&A based diagnostic tool to diagnose the problem. It only took two questions to confirm that it was a dead motherboard. I updated the ticket to indicate that the tool had confirmed the problem was a dead motherboard. After a couple of days without any follow up from Tranquil, I updated the ticket asking if someone could respond.

I checked a few days later and there still wasn’t a response. So I updated the ticket again. And again a few days later. And again. By now it was 12 days later.

I tried a different tack. I opened a new ticket to complain that the original ticket was being ignored. My intention was to open a new ticket every day until Tranquil responded. I was guessing that the performance of the support team is probably measured by the number of open tickets and how quickly a ticket is closed. It’d be difficult for them to ignore me opening a new ticket every day just to remind them about the original ticket.

Seems like I guessed right – four hours after I opened the first new ticket I got a response on both the new ticket and the original one.



Written by Sea Monkey

February 4, 2010 at 8:00 am

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