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‘Too many connections’ with MySQL .NET Connector

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I was Googling for some info on MySQL the other day and stumbled across a few ‘bug’ reports from developers experiencing a ‘Too many connections’ exception when using the MySQL .NET Connector.

This sounded familiar so I checked some code that I wrote about six months ago and confirmed what I thought… It’s simply that calling the MySqlConnection.Close() when you’ve finished with the connection is not enough. You need to call its Dispose() method too.

While calling Dispose() ought to be obvious, Microsoft’s SqlConnection implementation is much more robust and allows developers to get away with some poor programming practices. I’d guess that quite a few developers write code for MySQL that’s very similar to code they’ve previously written for SQL Server that appeared to work well enough but then this problem shows up with MySQL.

If you wrap up database functionality in a class that uses an instance of MySqlConnection then you probably need to implement IDisposable and call Dispose() on the MySqlConnection instance in your class’s Dispose method. For example, I have a base class that’s used for calling stored procedures and manages its own connection to the database:

    public abstract class StoredProcedureExecutor : IDisposable
        private MySqlConnection connection;
        public void Dispose()
        private void Dispose(bool disposing)
            if (disposing)
                if (this.connection != null)
                    this.connection = null;



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February 1, 2010 at 8:00 am

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