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Microsoft knows what's best for you, apparently.

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I’ve just purchased a data cable for my motorbike.

Yes, you read that correctly! Perhaps this is the ultimate USB attached accessory for your laptop…

Even more bizarrely, this state of the art USB accessory has a Harley-Davidson engine that was originally designed in the late 1950s. It’s been brought it up to date in a number of ways including using an ECU to control the fuel injection.

Anyway, back to that data cable… The supplier emailed me a copy of the software that’s used with the data cable to interrogate the ECU. When I opened the email in Hotmail and saw the .exe file attachment my heart sank as I knew that I was going to have problems downloading the file.

My various attempts to get the file always resulted in this message being displayed in Hotmail:

Windows Live Hotmail has blocked some attachments in this message because they appear to be unsafe.

Naively, I assumed that there would be a procedure that allowed me to override this nannying and to download the file. I was wrong. Once Hotmail has decided to block an attachment, that’s it.

I understand why Microsoft has done this but it’s outrageous that the service that I pay for (I subscribe to Hotmail Plus) is refusing me access to a file that has not only been legally and lawfully sent to me but that I’ve actually purchased.

Thanks Microsoft.


Written by Sea Monkey

September 24, 2009 at 7:00 am

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