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"WaitAll for multiple handles on an STA thread is not supported"

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My previous post, Waiting on multiple threads, mentioned Joe Duffy’s approach to synchronising multiple threads using a single WaitHandle. I was in the process of implementing a multi-threaded class library at the time but decided to take a conservative approach and use a WaitHandle for each thread. This is a less scalable solution but wasn’t really an issue as I knew that my class library would never need to use more than 8 threads concurrently.

Initial testing of the library from a COM client revealed a problem that I hadn’t anticipated: the call to the multi-threaded library method resulted in an exception being thrown with this error message:

“WaitAll for multiple handles on an STA thread is not supported”

The problem is that calling WaitAll on the thread WaitHandles from an STA thread blocks the Windows message pump and cannot be allowed otherwise the application would freeze. A quick fix for my class library was to iterate the WaitHandle array that was being passed to WaitAll and call WaitOne on each WaitHandle.

A better long term solution is to use Duffy’s single WaitHandle solution.


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June 15, 2009 at 8:00 am

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