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CompuServe Classic R.I.P.

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An email from member services landed in my CompuServe classic mail account yesterday:

Dear member,

After many years of service we regret to advise that as of 30 June 2009
CompuServe can no longer offer the internet access we provided to your
address. Subsequently, your CompuServe account will be
closed June 30th 2009.

I signed up with CompuServe in 1994 and although I haven’t used it for the online content for the past six or seven years I still use the email account. The ‘classic’ users such as myself have probably been an inconvenience ever since AOL bought CompuServe but we were still paying a few dollars a month that you’d have thought allowed the service to pay for itself.

CompuServe first offered an online service to personal computer users in 1979. It’s a pity that the 30th anniversary is its death knell rather than a celebration.


Written by Sea Monkey

April 17, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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