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Would you butter your toast with a scalpel ?

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Steve, Dav, and I were having our usual daily car discussion. Dav’s seemingly endless search is for a used car that has the performance of a Ferrari, sounds like a Ferrari, and is comfortable and practical – on a budget of less than 30K. Arguably, his current car, a Golf R32, is a good compromise. Steve’s 911 C2 would seem to be another good choice but Dav doesn’t like the exhaust note, the fact that the engine is over the back axle, and the seats give him back ache.

I’ve always favoured much more focused cars like the Caterham 7 and the Elise and modern mainstream sportscars like the S2000. My preference is for a stripped out, lightweight, car and I’m prepared to compromise on comfort and practicality. I’ve never understood why people find it so hard to lose their creature comforts such as leather seats and air-conditioning.

But Dav came up with a simple and effective analogy that illustrated the problem: “Would you butter your toast with a scalpel ?”


Written by Sea Monkey

May 21, 2008 at 7:30 pm

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